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Nando's is a proud supporter of South African Art & Design. We love how South Africans are setting the world on fire with their incredible talents.

South Africa's famous creative spirit is alive, well and burning brighter than ever! Nando's Hot Young Designer Talent Search confirmed that South Africa shines with scorching hot design talent! The winning pendant light designs are lighting up our hearts, and will be soon lighting up some of our casas around the world.


Nandos Broken Monsters Charity Art Exhibition


Nando’s recent hosting of the Broken Monsters Charity Art Show in Cape Town and Johannesburg was a big, beautiful, generous success.  The exhibition was an incredible collaboration that raised funds to gift more than 35 000 storybooks to kids in South Africa who don’t have books, giving a peri-warm glow to many hearts!

Curated by Jacki Lang the exhibition featured artworks by hot and emerging African artists created on pages torn from Broken Monsters, the most recent novel by internationally famous author, Lauren Beukes. Artworks were created especially for this exhibition and given as gifts by top South African artists to sell to art lovers at an accessibly priced R1 500 per artwork. The sale of the artworks raised funds to print and distribute wonderful illustrated South African books to children in need. Each artwork sold translated into the artist and the buyer of the artwork sponsoring 150 storybooks. Nando’s Art Initiative sponsored the exhibition so that 100% of funds raised could go to Book Dash to print and distribute the books.

Thank you to everyone who fired up the creativity to enrich kids lives. It was real.

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Image 1: How it all began: Top South African artists were invited to create artworks created on Lauren Beukes' international bestseller, Broken Monsters.

Image 2: Exhibition curator Jacki Lang checks final details before the exhibition opening in Cape Town. Outside, art lovers queued down the street waiting for the gallery doors to open!


Image 3: Artworks were snapped up at the Cape Town exhibition like bottles of Nando's PERi-PERi from a supermarket.

Image 4: Next stop. The exhibition moves to Nando's Central Kitchen in Johannesburg.


Image 5: We did it! The Broken Monsters Charity Art Show brought to you by Nando's collaboratively raised funds for more than 35 000 storybooks for children who don't have books.

Image 6: 'Broken Monsters' author Lauren Beukes shows off children's books in front of artworks donated to raise funds for the books.

Nandos Epic #HYD2015 Journey


Who is Nandos Hot Young Designer?!

The pendant lights designed for Nando’s Hot Young Designer Talent Search were all so hot to trot that the judges sweated PERi-PERi trying to choose one winner. So, in the spirit of the bird-eye chilli, where more is mega, we chose two winners. Viva!

Just one glimpse of the winning pendant light designs and you’ll know that Thabisa Mjo and Samantha Foaden are bright sparks and talents to watch! Each of them won kickstarter orders of 50 lights each as part of their prize, so look out for these in Nando’s restaurants worldwide. And if their lighting designs stoke the fire in your bellies, then show them some love and order one for yourself!

Our talent search illuminated the talent of all of the #NandosHYD finalists, so much so that we’ve been placing orders for a range of lights for our new casas. Nando’s Heartfelt Celebration of South African Design continues, and we’re loving the adventure! Join the journey and discover the #NandosHYD lights here.