Nando’s Creativity

Why does Nando's believe in nurturing African creative talent? Because creativity matters! Because we love human beings who dream, imagine, follow their dreams with passion, and make remarkable things happen!  

Creative expression makes the world a better, deeper, more delicious and connected place. Like our PERi-PERi, the art, design and music in our Nando's Casas allows us to share and celebrate our inspirational Southern African roots with fans of our flame-grilled peri-peri chicken.


Art at the HeART


At Nando’s we’ve always lived the belief that our business is actually about celebrating people, adventure, creativity and unique and authentic connections. So, in 2001 we hit the PERi-PERi trail with a mission to showcase blazing hot Southern African creativity worldwide. We did this in a way that could share the value of this enterprise, by displaying original artworks in Nando’s casas around the world thereby making incredible Southern African art accessible to Nando’s guest worldwide, and by devising ongoing programmes of opportunity that enable professional artists to pursue full-time artistic careers.

Artworks in Nando’s collection are sourced from developmental programmes run by Yellowwoods Art –because we share a belief that artists are the trailblazers of our culture. These programmes afford selected Southern African artists an opportunity to become part of a community invested in the growth of their artistic careers. Artists have access to a curator who supports them in developing their skills, and are enabled by the opportunity to earn a regular income, which takes off the financial heat and gives artists space to unleash their fire!

So, next time you’re in a Nando’s casa look out for artworks created by remarkable Southern African artists who imagine, follow their dreams with passion, and make extraordinary things happen! 

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  •  Nando’s has over 17 000 pieces of art in our collection
  •  Our art collection turns up the heat in 1000 Nando’s restaurantsaround the world
  •  It give us a peri-warm glow to know Nando’s has the largest collection of emerging South African artin the world
  •  We support over 320 artiststo consistently let their creativity burn bright 

Heartfelt Celebration of South African Design


Who is Nandos Hot Young Designer?!

Nando’s got the hots for South African design in 2014 when a real South African heartbeat awoke and began to beat in Nando’s Central Kitchen, our Joburg HQ. Trailblazing South African creative Tracy Lee Lynch collaborated with more than 50 South African designer-makers to transform our original home base into a world-class creative expression of Nando’s South African-ness. When we saw the result the earth moved, and Nando’s found its True South!

Since then we’ve been putting our peri-power behind extra hot South African furniture and interior design, working to introduce exceptional South African designed furniture and an authentic ZAesthetic to Nando’s casas. Nando’s Heartfelt Celebration of South African Design is a wing-wing scenario that fires up growth in our local design sector while sharing an authentic South African connection in Nando’s Casas, wherever they may be in the world.