Nando's Dining is Back

Nando's Dining is Back


It’s been two months of indulging South Africa’s hankering for their favourite PERi-PERi chicken from a
distance. However, with newly shifted levels, as of this week, we invite South Africans to dine on their
favourite flame grilled PERi-PERi chicken at our restaurants. But there are a few conditions…

Social distancing is the new intimacy

We know this long-distance relationship has been hard, but we continue to support all our guests in
practicing safe social distancing. When you next visit us you will notice some new signage explaining
how to keep your distance from other diners and you might find that we’ve rearranged some of our
furniture to further help you keep your distance.

You might also notice that we have floor decals to help space out all guests, delivery drivers and our
staff. All of our staff will continue to follow our strict social distancing guidelines. We’ve been working
this way since we reopened for Delivery back in May so we’ve got this down. We’ve also been following
strict shift rotations as well as temperature screening daily since then.

According to the rules and regulations we have to temperature screen all of our guests so that should
there be an infection, we can be as helpful as possible in tracing who may have come into contact with
who. It also means we will be taking a temperature reading from you when you arrive to eat in with us
and asking you whether you’ve experienced any COVID-like symptoms.

Cleanliness is next to deliciousness

Rest assured that all our staff will continue to take the utmost precautions including regular
handwashing and the wearing of masks and face shields. Every part of the dining experience, from
ordering to eating to clearing and sanitising tables, will be handled according to the strictest safety and
hygiene guidelines outlined by the World Health Organisation.

For our guests, as much as we love to see your faces, remember that no mask means no entry – no

Dining isn’t the be all

If you’re in a rush and can’t stay for lunch or dinner, we can guarantee that we will continue to satisfy
your PERi-PERi fix. Drive-thru, kerbside collection, delivery and take away are still very much in full swing
so you can get Nando’s from our grill to you. For the most contactless experience try Kerbside and pre-
pay for your order, no touching of credit card machines and no leaving your car when you collect at your
closest Nando’s!

The fight against COVID-19 isn’t over. We all need to do our utmost to stay safe, stay sanitised, and stay
social… at a distance.

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