Here’s the story behind the story of Nando’s new Mozam Paprika flavour

Here’s the story behind the story of Nando’s new Mozam Paprika flavour

Once up on a time, Nando’s Head of Food, Pascale Sobiecki, took a trip to Mozambique and came away totally inspired by its vibrant colours and flavours.  

Pascale visited the PERi-PERi farms (where our beloved African bird’s eye chillis come from), but along the way she marveled at the local produce, the cuisine and the way Mozambicans celebrate and prepare their food with love. Mozambican food has a varied, even unique, heritage that infuses African, Arab and Portuguese influences.

“But there’s a lot more to Mozambican flavours than simply the African bird’s eye chilli we love so much here at Nando’s. Garlic, lemon and lime, paprika, sweet tomatoes, parsley, onions are also loved, they too are a part of a rich culinary history for our neighbouring country. And, because a lot of Mozambican food is cooked over open fires, it is fused with a delicious smoky flavour,” says Pascale.

So that’s how Mozambican Paprika was born. It’s the perfect combination of coconut, lime, lemon, garlic, tomato, onion and of course, paprika – one of them smoked but no less than three different kinds. And because it’s uniquely Nando’s, there’s a touch of our African bird’s eye chilli.

On the Nando’s PERi-ometer, Mozambican Paprika is slightly hotter than Lemon and Herb (which also contains chilli, incidentally), but milder than our Mild flavour. It’s perfect for those of us who like our food on the flavourful-but-not-too-hot side, and it brings a whole new flavour dimension to the Nando’s chicken range.

You can enjoy it on any of your favourite Nando’s meals. Give it a try.

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