Spare changing the world with Rounda

Spare changing the world with Rounda

A little spare change and a dash of PERi-PERi makes the world go Rounda

By asking customers to add R1 to their orders, Nando’s customers have helped contribute over R2m towards eradicating poverty in South Africa through the Nikela Trust.

It was on Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday, on July 18 2018, that an initiative was born that would change millions of lives through the power of spare change and a dash of PERi-PERi passion.

The Rounda programme was born from the belief that lots of small change can be pulled together and leveraged to make a huge difference in addressing poverty in South Africa. As a committed partner in this initiative since its inception, Nando’s has raised over R2m of which R70 000 was raised between March and July 2020 during the national lockdown, a time when many South Africans were really feeling the pinch. 

As a founding partner of this initiative, Nando’s began asking its customers to add R1 to their orders and soon those Rands began piling up and up and up. All proceeds from this initiative are paid to the Nikela Funding and Development Trust, an organisation that helps look after the most vulnerable people in South Africa, providing poverty alleviation, combating hunger, primary healthcare and child protection services.

Chief Operating Officer of Nando’s South Africa, Stephan Putter, says, “It may not seem like R1 can make a big difference. But when you add many R1’s together, they make a huge difference! We thank all South Africans who have contributed to this great initiative simply by adding to their Nando’s orders. Know that you have made a significant difference to the most vulnerable in this country through the Nikela Trust.”

Meaning “To give” in Zulu, Nikela Trust will also be responsible for working closely with well-established NGO’s to assist in helping grassroots organisations to strengthen the social fabric of our society with the ultimate aim of eradicating poverty. The Trust helps take care of babies and children, cancer patients, disabled children, undernourished families and vulnerable animals. “Hopefully that inspires you to fire up those Rounda contributions even more!” urges Putter.

Bob Tucker, Chairman for the Nikela Trust says, “We started this initiative after we realised that the battle against poverty cannot be won by working alone. Rounda is a call for everyone in South Africa to act, so we hope to see more businesses and individuals working together to achieve the same outcome.”

If you’re a Nando’s regular, next time you feel the urge to satisfy your PERi-PERi craving, consider jingling your pocket and decide whether that jingle could be put to better use. There is always someone out there who needs R1 more than you do. Simply place your order with one of our Nando’s cashiers and ask to add a R1 Rounda donation then pat yourself on the back while you enjoy your PERi-fix because you’ve done good. In fact, wherever you see the Rounda logo, you will be able to donate. Now that’s fire!

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