Our Food

Our Food

Our Food
  • I have a food allergy, can I check your list of ingredients?

    There is an allergen booklet in each Restaurant for review purposes. If you have a food allergy, please let the Patrão (Manager) know, so that you can find out exactly what’s in our food.

  • Are Nando’s Chicken Organic?

    All our Chickens are A-grade. We source the healthiest possible chickens, but there is currently not sufficient supply of organic chickens locally to enable us to make our chickens organic.

  • Do Nando’s products or sauces contain gluten?

    Nando’s does not add ingredients that contain gluten to any of our sauces. This includes sauces used for the preparation of our flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken and table sauces.

    There is however gluten present in the following items on the menu: 

    • Nando’s Rolls 
    • Nando’s Wraps 
    • Nando’s Pita
    • Vegetable Patty and
    • Desserts 

  • Animal Welfare Statement

    As a chicken restaurant group, we know we have a responsibility to ensure that every aspect of how we source our chicken (and how our partners source our eggs) meets the best international and local standards. When it comes to our chickens, whether we are talking quarters, halfs, fulls or eggs, animal welfare is a top priority. Our carefully selected suppliers maintain stringent animal welfare requirements. Our animal welfare policies are in line with required standards to ensure that all our poultry is of the highest quality and is 100% safe to eat. Our suppliers are routinely evaluated by third party auditors to ensure that our high standards are consistently upheld. For all our restaurants, including those that serve breakfast, our chicken is fresh, hormone and steroid-free and locally sourced and our eggs are free-range eggs.


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